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Why Do I Need a Domain Name for my Website?

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A domain name can also be called the name of your website. An internet customer accesses the website with a domain name. Computers, however, use an IP address to identify a domain. An IP address is a long chain of numbers that we humans cannot remember; therefore, domain names have been created and used instead of using IP addresses to define entities on the Internet. There are many reasons to possess a domain name for your website, here are a few below:



You must be wondering why there is a need to create a specific domain name for your website. Well, the purpose of a domain name is to give your website an identity – something people can refer to using a name rather than a series of numbers that are harder to memorize. Companies can use a domain name that correlates to their name and something that quickly pops up into the mind of the viewers!


Easy Access

The Internet is a massive computer network connecting through a global cable network. Every device receives an IP address to identify them. It is a set of numbers describing on the Internet a specific device a typical IP address appears like


Now imagine if you had to visit your favourite sites by using such numbers. Who would be able to recall these numbers for the countless websites available on the Internet? This problem was overcome by inventing domain names. You can now browse the Internet using the domain instead of numbers – such as Namecheap


Marks First Impression

Your domain name is the visitor’s first thing to see. Pleasant and enduring experience is likely with the right domain name, whereas a poor domain name will drive visitors away.

The use of a high-value domain for your website and the e-mail address of your organization help build online and offline legitimacy, reputation, and professionalism. The possession of a high-performance domain guarantees your clients that you are a legit, established company that makes them trust you quickly.


Business Establishment

A strong domain name is important to get your name out there in the market. It adds visibility to your brand and separates you from the millions of domains. An online presence is necessary for your reputation, whether you currently sell products online or not, because, with the advancement in technology, it is indeed the best way to get started.


Stirs competition 

Having a domain name of your own indicates that you belong to the Digital Revolution and means you are up to date on emerging technologies. Creating the name is essential to stay ahead of your rivals and keep the business growing!


Helps you Reach More Views

It enhances your ranking on a search engine. As you grow your business and create your website with quality content, in search engines, like Google, it will become more and more identifiable.

The more keyword-rich your domain is, the better it is because you will more likely be featured in the searched results. The popularity will make your business prosper as you will be getting more clients!


Protects Copyright and Increase Credibility

Another reason to have a website name for your website is to protect trademarks and copyrights. The custom domain provides you with an instant improvement in credibility. Whether you use a customized site to get a job, improve your profession and business exposure, find clients for freelance work, explain your work or sell your brand, it does not matter the more reputation you get, the better.


How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Site?

There are certain things to keep in mind when creating a domain name.


Length of the Domain Name

Super lengthy domain names are often confusing and can be easily mistyped. When creating, remember to keep it short and easy to remember, preferably between six and ten letters.


Easy to Spell

Every popular website that you can think of has a domain name that is easy to spell. Google, for example, is the most viewed site and also the easiest to spell.

The use of a misspelled term as a brand name can be imaginative. But note that your imagination is not appreciated by all consumers. The last thing you want to do is to confuse your clients.

If you create a name and have to explain the spelling numerous times, consider it a warning that your domain is too complicated! Just a small error can lead the visitor to a different website, and you surely would not want that!


Easy to Pronounce Domain Name


Another tip to create an ideal website name is to look out for the pronunciation of the name. You can spread awareness via word-of-mouth, but it would be difficult to do so if you are struggling with the pronunciation.

No Numbers or Hyphens

Adding numbers and hyphens to the name of your domain makes it confusing as well. Upon hearing your domain, people might not know whether to spell the number or use it as a figure. Similarly, some users may forget to add a hyphen and reach an entirely different site. So avoid using digits and hyphens when creating a domain.


Importance of Domain Name:

To sum up, domain names are significant for easy access, as mentioned earlier, because the IP address consists of numbers and is too hard to remember.

Moreover, it makes your company look professional and trustworthy. And since many people still don’t trust the Internet and e-commerce, you’ll want to do everything you can to show that your company deserves their money. If you don’t want to spend the money to register, why would customers think you’d make an effort to produce valuable goods or services? So having a proper name of your domain attracts customers and builds trust.

A domain name can increase your brand’s awareness more than anything else. It strengthens your identity if it suits you’re branding, making it easy to hold in mind and attract customers. Business via word-of-mouth is also more natural because customers will remember your name and share it with their friends.

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