What is WordPress used for?

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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) tool that you can use without coding skills to build or maintain your website. This program lets you personalize virtually all aspects of your website.

It is a user-friendly app that consists of all the features needed by web developers to create a site. You can use and interact with the application very flexibly, and you can alter it in any way by coding and other tools.

It can be used by everyone from small individuals to any big business holders. The WordPress designed websites can be easily updated even by non-developers, and this website building web framework provides an extensive collection of themes and plugins.

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Why Choose WordPress to Create Your Website?

WordPress is free software. It means that you can access, install, use, and customize it according to your requirements. You can render any website by using it.

WordPress can be used by non-web designers as well because it requires no coding skills. WordPress is the best option for non-tech experienced users because you can choose from thousands of free website templates (themes). For almost any platform (whether it is a forum, business website, or an online shop), there is a great WordPress template.

WordPress themes are easy to customize, as all of them come with their colour shifting, loading logo, setting up gorgeous sliders, and customizing them entirely for your needs.

WordPress provides an advanced software framework with alerts. You can upgrade the plugins and themes in the WordPress administration dashboard.

When there is a new version of WordPress available, WordPress can alert you, and you can update your site by merely clicking a button.

You can also use a WordPress Backup Plugin to safely make copies and store your data in a secure location and protect your files from theft or incidents.

What WordPress Creates?


Blogs are one of the most anticipated parts of any website, and most blogs are created using WordPress. It is vital to create a blog that is visually appealing so you can customize your blog using WordPress themes. There are around seven thousand free WordPress themes to choose from, and they are categorized by popular, featured, latest, as well as other feature filters (i.e., industry, layout, etc.). After installing your favourite theme, you can go ahead to create your first blog post!


You will want to start by adding other common elements on your website, such as contact forms, galleries, sliders, newsletter subscription form, etc., once you have written your first sample blog post.


You need to use plugins to incorporate all these extra features, and WordPress plugins are applications for adding new features, without any code, to your website. In the free Plugin Directory alone, there are over 55,000 plugins so your blog can achieve any look you desire!



Every designer needs a unique and robust portfolio to land on the perfect job, find clients, and build a reputation. It lets you achieve that ideal portfolio, and you can set up everything you need to create a portfolio. With the right  theme and promising plugin, you can showcase your accomplishments and skills, or showcase your work and past projects.

You can even add plenty of images and edit them via the media library. You will particularly want to present the best projects in the portfolio if you are a creative sort designer. It is easier to show your work in the best possible light with a robust gallery plugin.



To create business websites of all sizes (including the huge ones), WordPress is a common and wise choice. There are many other reasons for choosing this software to create your business website, such as – it is very customizable. Hence, the site is simple to represent the branding of the company. You can also add almost any functionality that you need to the platform through a plugin or custom coding. Hence, it is the safest option to build a website.


You will have to look for a business-specific theme to make sure your website highlights what you believe. You may want to search for an all-in-one solution rather than downloading a variety of smaller individual plugins. Jetpack is the perfect example for this purpose – a plugin that improves design, marketing, and security for your company.


E-Commerce Stores

Around a quarter of all Internet, websites use WordPress as their content management system, as it blends user-friendly software with the simplest sites with plugin-based modularity that makes it easy to expand the features to fulfil nearly any requirement.

It is an excellent option for creating e-commerce sites. The variety of premade themes  contributes to its popularity for building an e-commerce site. It also provides plugins to bring full functionality to an e-commerce site – starting from a product page to a shopping cart and checkout.

One of the key benefits of using this software is that it is a modular tool, which helps you to thoroughly monitor what your website does and how it looks like.


You will start by selecting a domain for your website and then continue with the usual process – choosing a suitable theme and plugin for your site. After setting up the plugin, start adding products and their product pages with their relevant details. The last step refers to the payment section.


Photography Website

WordPress makes it incredibly convenient to create a lovely website for your business without learning to code or hiring someone professional.

The first step is to select a domain that will be the identity of your website. It is essential to choose the right  theme. A theme governs the design of your website, and you can use it as a blueprint for the design of your website. Choosing one that best shows your photos is important! Select ‘photography’ in the search bar and click on the Enter button to display the photography pages themes.

Add multiple photos to your site using the media library, and you are good to go!

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