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Over the last 14 years, eCommerce has experienced a fast-paced development. Some categories of items, in particular makeup products and clothes, have reached a very high average CGR of 25 per cent during that period. In comparison, eCommerce does not display any signs of slowing down. Under this kind of environment, it is no wonder the website as large as WordPress wanted a great eCommerce plugin. This is where woocommerce comes in! 

If you are about to enter the field of eCommerce via WordPress or are still operating your own popular online store, chances are you are acquainted with or are already using the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce actually runs a phenomenal 39% of all eCommerce pages, and that data alone speaks of its consistency and performance. However since the plugin is so versatile and lightweight, it may be a little difficult to work out and use all of its cool features effectively. In this article, we have been attempting to outline some main stuff about the WooCommerce plugin.

1. Simple configuration

WooCommerce is straightforward to set up and navigate. If you have activated WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, you can go to the settings and select “Products.” You would add product types, products themselves, logos, discounts, delivery information, payment gateways, etc. To further simplify stuff, there is also a segment called “Getting Started” which describes each phase of the process in depth. You can transfer all the components and configure the interface to your taste. When you have built up your website, you will  run checks to see if it is running correctly. Needless to mention, you may not have to employ experts to set up your online shop with WooCommerce. The plugin is surprisingly user-friendly, so you would not have any problems setting it all up by yourself.

2. WooCommerce is an open-source software

One of the key aspects that makes WooCommerce as popular as it is the fact that it is an open-source plugin. This makes things ideal for companies of nearly all types. Basically, you should install the add-on and do as you see fit with it. There is a huge range of plugins that will make your existence as a WooCommerce consumer much easier based on what you are offering. As an Open Source, WooCommerce lets third-party developers build useful plugins and extensions. That essentially makes it possible for you to have complete input and power over your shop. Basically, much as WordPress itself, WooCommerce often aims to interact with the rest of the open-source ecosystem to extend and grow a range of open-source ventures.

3. It is simple to use and flexible

WooCommerce can provide you with all the features you need to transform your website into a fantastic online shop. You do not require any extra licences to mount your store on any server of your choosing. For eg, you may prefer Drop-shipping, the model in which the stock is ordered after the transaction is over and the inventory is delivered directly to the consumer, eliminating the drop-shipper. In addition, WooCommerce would allow you offer everything you want from digital to physical products. If you wish to engage in affiliate marketing, you can create a platform to advertise the services and goods of other organisations in return for a sales fee. If you are a content developer, you can turn your website to a subscription website where you can conceal unique content behind a member paywall, etc. There are infinite options.

4. WooCommerce is supporting you both with SEO and social networking.

WordPress as a website is well established for providing users with substantial support and suggestions. About how to boost their SEO? Bearing in mind that WooCommerce is founded on WordPress itself it comes as no surprise. That it often helps you to handle your SEO efficiently. There are a number of third-party plugins that are intended to support you with the SEO of your website. This will help you to evaluate and change your SEO moves to get better performance. In addition, there are a range of dedicated WooCommerce plugins and extensions that can enable you deal with social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


 5. It is a healthy company

The idea that WooCommerce is an open-source programme of its own may sound like a possible vulnerability to its stability. However it is necessary to notice that the bugs of WooCommerce are fixed easily. At a much higher pace than those of comparable closed source alternatives. This is primarily because the business Automatic. Which operates WooCommerce, works directly with the WP protection team of specialists as well as other security practitioners such as Sucuri. The plugin is modified daily and has a simple and fast one-click upgrade framework. So it is quick and easy to correct any glitches. In the other side, if you are paying for your platform, you ought to receive an SSL certificate and PCI compatible. As well as adopt other helpful procedures to guarantee the protection of your consumers from the end.

 In conclusion:

WooCommerce is genuinely an outstanding software with a huge range of positive functionality. However, there are still those developers and website owners who notice a few downsides. And switch to some other provider or add-on. If you like WooCommerce or not it depends more on your expectations, but its success speaks of its finest quality and protection. Any users find that the WooCommerce search widget is missing since it is programmed to return product results only. Some feel that the absence of a bulk-up feature is too cumbersome for them to tackle, and they just do not want that diligency as they add their items. As persuasive as WooCommerce may be, it also has its limitations, much like every other programme. However, in this situation, the positive is so much better than the poor that it renders it seem meaningless.



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