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What is Google Analytics?

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Do you find it difficult to monitor the success of your website in the search engines? In addition to installing software to track the SEO performance of your website, Google now has a newly developed service for SEO people, particularly concerned with the performance of their website. This tracking tool from Google is called Google Analytics. It is a powerful tool that tracks the progress of your website with organic and paid search results. It gives you a deeper understanding of how web users to your site respond. This offers you a barred and thorough view of visitors to your website.

True to its name, analysis of your website through Google shares analysis data with you that help you become very aware of visitors to your website and the preferences of visitors.

It offers free information on how we interact with your website visitors. Through reviewing Google Analytics, webmasters would understand how they can and can use it as an invaluable resource, particularly if they have no form of visitor tracking solution.

It also shares with you the highest ROI or return on investment of your SEO campaigns. If you do not trust your internet marketing performance in a programme, the analysis report is excellent at monitoring the performance of your internet marketing campaigns. You can now be sure of obtaining important information about your website alongside Google Ads.

Google Ads displays a pay-per-click ad for your business on its Google search results pages and advertising network, i.e., only if people click your ads to direct Google to your website. You pay an ad fee for Google.

Google Analytics uses monitoring codes to ensure that critical user information is tracked for you. It uses codes in the destination URL, which facilitate the Google Analytics website visitor tracking project.


Why do you need Google Analytics?

Here are some main reasons why you need Google Analytics to track and have it on your website as part of your website:

  1. Its functionality is the most expensive, even though it is free, visitor tracking services.
  2. The service is your solution to find out where visitors leave their check-out or registration process. Identifying this will help you make improvements and improve your user-friendly registration process. You are then stopped by losing the lead.
  3. Using them will help you to identify most of the pages and links that your visitor clicks on. You will also learn on which page the most time your visitors spend. You can, therefore, correctly develop these pages and locate them and their connexion texts.
  4. Wondering if your website user signed on to the previous site before he came to your site? Analytics by Google is going to tell you all about it.
  5. The most common keyword user type will also be given in the search engine search bar when searching associated/related websites. Knowing these common keywords, even on other search engines, is an excellent boost for your SEO work and results.
  6. Google Analytics conducts the segmentation of users. This categorizes current and returning users of the internet, their geographical details, and their reference source. This gives you useful insights if you intend to set up a new online business.
  7. Google Analytics and Google Ads guarantee you end-to-end visibility for search results.
  8. You can even track other marketing media for non-search engines
  9. Overall, if you use its results, Google Analytics offers you a very affordable service in gaining more customers.

Google Analytics for your website

Google Analytics on your website is a brilliant idea as it takes minutes to register and provides you with all the required statistics to assess what works or doesn’t work on your website to generate new revenue for your company successfully.

Its intuitive user interface provides you with easy access to all the data that you need for your website. It maintains an overview of how all websites visitors found your website, including exact keyword searches of different search engines. It also enables you to track your marketing programmes’ effectiveness, email marketing, pay-per-click networks, unpaid, organic search, and many other things.


To drive more traffic to your website, you can use Google Analytics. It does not just display where the traffic originates and provides the platform with statistics. What many people do not know is that you can track your website using Google Analytics to boost traffic, attracting more visitors to your website.

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