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As you grew up, you have always been able to take part in art lessons and work exciting artistic projects. You cannot help thinking now that you are preparing your career, how you can apply your creative passion to a job as a designer. But making the change from doing creative things to working seriously as a designer is a big step — and you want to learn more about web design before you commit yourselves.


Web design is the process by which websites are developed. The layout, contents production, and graphic design include several aspects. While web design and web development are often used in interchangeable terms, web design is technically a component of the full web development category.


You can learn web design here in Switzerland through Blue Sky Graphics from the ease of your home via online lessons and create a website and a Digital Business Card for your business through DigWeb!


Why Choose DigWeb to Create a Website for Your Business?


There are a number of reasons just why DigWeb can be the best platform to start your web design career.


  •     With DigWeb, you can create a responsive site that will be displayed on all screens – your phone and desktop both.


  •     You will be working with experts to explore the variety of functions available to design your website. Such functions include flexible interfaces, optimization, market content writing, and knowledge in SEO.


  • DigWeb will develop your app with the utmost professionalism while setting your priorities and the meaning of your brand’s most relevant messages.


Why is Web Design Important for Any Business?

Many factors lead to a successful online presence. There are various ways to look at the website’s full standing too.

Your website design can either build or destroy the brand you are trying to deliver. It does indeed change your views and potentially turns them into your clients through your target audience. Thus, the development of an impressive user interface website design will result in a considerably higher conversion rate, which results in better business and earnings.


First impressions matter a lot in this industry, so what your website looks like can make a good impression or drive visitors away. Studies show that it takes a customer only fifty milliseconds to form a first impression or judgment about any business based on your website. Therefore, an ill-designed layout not only hurts your credibility but also pushes away customers.

Apart from a properly functioning website, customers also prefer an aesthetically pleasing layout.

So good web design also impacts our perception of usability and usability.


What Can You Do After Learning Web Design?


There are web design companies working in many organizations developing and managing websites.

Usually, when a company doesn’t use these services, it has its web designer or in-house team.

You may want to set up or work as a freelancer in your own design business.


Your programming skills may result in a job in software engineering, testing, or even technical writing. All of these can be done in a variety of companies. These technical skills are also valued by extensive IT and telecommunications companies.


Other jobs relating to your degree include:


Web Developer

As a web developer, the primary role would be to build secure and high-performance software and facilities that can be accessed over the internet.

If you are with an agency or employed as a freelancer, your job would be to develop items that meet the needs of consumers. The job can be extraordinarily diverse with multiple overlapping tasks to a job on, and plenty of customer meetings to address their needs and inform them on development.


SEO Specialist


An expert in search engine optimization (SEO) uses data analytics and communications expertise to improve the web identity of a company

As an SEO specialist, you will define strategies, methods, and tactics for increasing the number of visitors to a site and obtain a position in the search engine results page. You will open up new opportunities for growth and profit by building more leads for the business.

The development and integration of content marketing strategies also fall under the responsibility of an SEO specialist.


Application Developer

Developers of applications perform specific tasks on computers based on customer requirements.

You will translate the software requirements into working code as an application developer and maintain and develop business applications.

You will usually work in a particular field of development, for example, in mobile applications, accounting software, office suites, or software graphics. By now the developer should be familiar with a minimum of one computer language.


Multimedia Programmer

As a multimedia programmer, you can create innovative products with various media features, including text, sound, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D modelling, animation, and video.

You will usually work with a multimedia product design specification for websites, DVDs, computer games, and interactive animated film.


Why Do You Need a Digital Business Card?

Corporate and professional cards are the foundation of the world of business.

All your contact information will appear in a single, convenient location by the usefulness of a business card. In the digital age, it is also essential to use digital business cards. Mainly, for convenient sharing of all your contact information.

Digital business cards can be exchanged quickly and are perfect for synchronization of both the accounts and contact information.


Not everybody uses digital business cards, so you can impress customers easily and stand out. While others still stick to conventional paper cards, your business looks different simply because of digital cards.

There is no shortage of space, as compared to the paper cards. Include your URLs, addresses of the website, social media reports, fax numbers, telephone numbers, etc. on your card.

Unlike paper card printing and designing, digital cards do not require you to spend a good deal of money.

Indeed, for many small businesses, printing cards on paper costs are very high. However, the digital cards are free, since no printing is necessary. Only to design the card will you spend some money.

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