Web design agency in Bern

Web design agency in Bern

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Choosing a solution for your latest or revamped platform can be a challenge with countless web design agency in Bern out there. At first sight, most of your choices may appear to be the same. They all lead to beautiful websites, after all, right?


Yet investing in a modern website is a very significant undertaking for most small and medium-sized companies. It also involves paying out a large amount of your operating expenditure in return for a massive marketing asset that you can utilise every single day for the next few years.


So, finding a web design agency in Bern that really has the best interest of your company at heart involves searching a little deeper. Although you can trust the experts to do their job properly. You still need to make sure that the firm knows your vision. Also will execute it at a price that works for you until you commit to partner with them.


Luckily, there are a few easy questions that you might ask yourself to help filter all the agencies out there and choose one that can help your company eventually. In this blog post, we are going to take you through every move of the web design firm and teach you what to search for along the way.

Until you dive into a rabbit hole in Google’s quest for top web design companies, take some time to evaluate what you actually need—and want—in a website. Enable the following questions to lead your search:


What degree of experience and customisation can you afford?

The very first thing you need to know when you start shopping for a web design firm is what type of website you can easily afford.

Let us be painfully frank with you initially: if you have not budgeted at least a few thousand dollars for the initiative, the DIY website is probably going to be your best choice. We tell the same thing to businesses who contact us seeking to pay less than 5K Euros for a site—that is only the starting price point for unique hand-coded, strategic web design.

They are not mistaken on that. For a business that is trying to substantially improve its online footprint and convert considerably more clients, the DIY website is by no way perfect.

If you have a budget for it the Agency-built website is by far the best choice. Design is therefore even easier because—if your organisation requires a highly tailored CMS like Craft—it is built from scratch to suit the unique requirements of your company and is hand-coded for increased protection and efficiency. For the overwhelming majority of the time, the underlying plan and the published text are better worlds, too, considering the Agency’s combined years of expertise in content strategy and brand positioning.


What do all the others in your business have in common?

Take a peek at the websites of several other organisations in your industry, both locally and nationally. What do several of them have in common? Are there some expectations that your audience, with your business, would want to see on your website?

If your business depends heavily on clients in your local market—such as health centres or building contractors—take a closer look at the websites of your local rivals. These businesses draw from the same client base as you because you are likely to share website guests. What are the opponents getting all right? What are they lacking that you can provide?


If you know what is normal in your business and in your sector. You will be able to have a more informed conversation with the agency later on in your quest. Then when it comes time to decide what enhancements the website might have; you will be able to say the difference between an organisation that only needs to introduce further billing hours to the project versus one that really understands how to move the company to the next stage.


What is your aesthetic design?

The next move is to understand what style and aesthetic interests you might already have. If you feel more relaxed visiting a page with a bright colour scheme versus a dark one? Can you find yourself gravitating more towards a serif or a sans-serif typeface?


What is your extra design and branding needs?

Websites need photographs and logos to engage the guests and make them feel at home to your business. If you are creating a website for the first time. Those photos have to come from elsewhere and if you are redesigning your existing site. You might need to overhaul the brand’s whole aesthetics to get it up to date.

Now that you have a basic understanding about what you need and expect on a website. It is time to start searching for the best organisation to help bring it to existence. Bearing in mind your answers from the previous segment, make a list of agencies that also fulfil the following criteria:


Does their portfolio fit your desired aesthetics?

Many web design companies design and create their own websites. So consider their website to be the very first thing in their portfolio. What do you make about that? Does it work smoothly, and is it easy to navigate? Does the layout of the page have a normal flow? Know, if their site is complicated to access, it would actually be too much for you if they create it.


First, search the job examples they have provided in their portfolio. The aim is to locate an organisation with previous campaigns that have the same vibrancy as your current website.


If you are not pleased with the other websites the Web design agency in Bern has built. Odds are you are not at thrill by what they come up with your company. And if you are not thrilled or transferred to your own website. How do you expect your future clients to get enthusiastic about your company?



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