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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Custom 404 Page

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The 404 page is the returned error number when a visitor is attempting to access a page on your website that does not exist. The two most popular reasons for a visitor to get a custom 404 page error are:

They mistyped the Web address (URL) of the website they were trying to access; or they followed a link to a page you no longer have on your web.
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Custom 404 Error or File Not Found is one of the common Internet bugs that often lead people to frustration. 404 Error happens when the user tries to check for details found to be missing. This error often happens when the user mistypes something or when Search Engines indexes a page that has been removed or transferred to a different URL by the site or blog author. Often even people end up connecting pages that have already been deleted. Broken links are popular across the network, and they are also unavoidable.

Custom 404 Page

In the life of any online marketer, a time comes when one basic truth is understood. It is difficult to drive traffic to your website.

Yeah, any visitor to your site takes time and effort. Every visitor is important: your visit provides an opportunity to give them a lead and, ultimately, a sale. You cannot afford to turn away your guests, and yet, if you do not set up an individual 404 page for your website, you are exactly what you are going to do.

Search engines crawl your website through links to all the various pages on your site. If a search engine indexes your site and enters a 404 page without links, it does not move forward. The outcome? Complete parts of your website will not be indexed because, if your pages are not indexed, the search engines will not know that they are and that the search results do not display.

A custom 404 page guarantees that no links are given to all the related areas of your website (or even a map of your website) to ensure that search engines have access to your full site.

To keep users engaged:

A 404 page is usually for readers or customers who are looking for something on your site or blog. A well-designed custom 404 page to navigate back to the previous page or view relevant materials will make users happy and return to your site. This builds up your readership, keeps the user interested, and spends more on your web or blog.

Your custom 404 error page is bland and dull by nature. No one wants to see them over and over, so take a break and show them your imagination with a page that takes ten minutes to create. Yeah, it may not be a big page, but it will allow your readers to see that you are taking the time to customise your website. The default error page 404 is not only dull; it probably does not fuse with your subject. Many readers are likely to go mad when they see two different websites, both with the same domain name, with entirely different themes.

To avoid losing trust:

It is always likely that people will end up with a 404 error when the page is transferred or deleted or when the links are broken. I have seen several pages that do not have a custom 404 page at all. Not all users will understand the mistake, so it may cause users to be frustrated. Users that find this to be a failure, and they may lose confidence in your site. A good, comprehensive 404-page custom should make it easier for them to understand the issue.

For a better design:

A blog or website without a custom 404 page is badly designed and will have its consequences. It is also best to practise for any site or forum to have a custom 404 error message without any arguments.

Let us say someone links to your website, but they put the wrong URL in it. People who click on this link will be forwarded to your 404 error page, which is bland and boring by design. By placing humour or an amusing design on your 404 error page (which matches the rest of your website), you may be able to access the rest of your website. That one visitor might become your most loyal reader and add a lot more to the road. A search bar can also help-allow your visitors to scan your entire site and find what they want. No one likes a boring, empty page that has nothing to do with them.


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