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Top 10 web design trends for 2020

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Staying in the loop when it comes to the new web design trends developments is advantageous. If you are a seasoned web designer, an industry newcomer, or an entrepreneur who needs its company website to succeed in efficiency.

In addition, integrating the newest and hottest web design trends would mean that the website appears fresh. Up-to-date and genuinely taken care of—a major bonus when it comes to leaving the feeling of reliability in the minds of your customers.

We also highlighted the developments in web design trends that will rule 2020. Along with some pro-tips about how to effectively incorporate them in your design. Digweb.co is your dream destination for latest design trends.

Dark Mode

How could anything so basic as to put light-coloured text, icons, and UI elements on a dark background be so powerful? Dark mode is the web design theme that certainly ruled in 2019, and it seems impossible that it would come to an end in 2020.

Dark mode swept the internet community off its feet, with top applications and websites like Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Chrome. As well as the new launches of Android and Apple operating systems, shutting the lights off one after the other.

The appeal of the colour scheme lies in its several advantages, from giving consumers a more glamorous and sleeker operating atmosphere. T+o positively impacting the battery life and energy usage of the unit. Meanwhile, the so-called night mode is often favourable because it decreases the usage of light pixels, which in essence, reduces the total brightness of the device, reduces the number of eyes trains and eases reading.


Blast from the past, minimalism is a classic web design style that is destined to last. Though the styles and characteristics of minimalism have evolved through the years, their essences remain the same—to win over the hearts of both creators and end-users by beauty, versatility, and simplicity.

Minimalism in web design can imply a plethora of things—from minimalist visuals and small colour palettes to a mere minimum of text and web surfing.

The movement has risen to popularity to handle ebbing screen sizes and attention span. Usability and scrolling around the internet are eased by an incredibly minimalist menu that takes away most of the complexity, moving the attention of users from seeking such details to how to participate with information itself.

A decent approach to accomplish minimalism in web design is to dig a heavy paragraph for a high-quality picture or video that can express a text message in a more appealing and clear manner.

Black and White

2020 would be the year of minimalism, also in the colour scheme of the website. Black and white, combined with a rather limited palette of greyscale, are forever sleek, aesthetic and new.

To stop getting boring on your page, introduce some high-quality black and white photos or artistic drawings.

Luminous paint scheme

In comparison, the luminous colour scheme would be a step ahead in the isometric pattern of web design. Glowing, neon colours like blacks, purples and pinks can make the website appear sleek and futuristic. Coupled with lighter and darker tones, these luminous colours will shine from the windows, providing a bold and daring presence on your web.

Hand-drawn products

Human-centred approach to design has seen something of a revival recently, and no better illustration than hand-drawn elements. If it is cartoon drawings, painting symbols, or hand-written lettering. Technology in recent years is more about introducing feelings, humanity, and intimate contact.

Moreover, hand-drawn illustrations radiate positivity, soulfulness and comfort. So this theme is a must for 2020 if you want to demonstrate your clients how artistic and innovative you can be.

Typography with Bold

The primary goal of web designers has been to have friendly user interface during the last few years. Clean, legible typography is one of the most critical features of a successful UX. Bold, all-cap fonts, monochromatically coloured or translucent with an outline are the latest thing today.

Cursive fonts are hard-to-read, and it is basic to combine similar-looking characters, so that typography has little to do with a new innovative website that strives for a decent UX.

Elements in 3D

It is possible that one of the most appealing web design patterns is approaching major doors. Due to significant technical developments in recent years. The 3D features are fun, entertaining, and help to hold visitors longer on the website.

Depth contributes to the sense of authenticity, a feature that can be extremely useful for e-commerce. Where 3D graphics can come under use to view items from a range of angles or in realistic implementations.

Shadows, layers, and floating elements;

Tone down the pride of 3D by utilising shadows, layers, and floating objects. It is a step up from the material design movement that can transform a flat picture into a stunning element. This pseudo-3D influence can also be extended to icons, illustrations, and text.

Another down-to-earth trend that can give rise to the idea of complexity is overlapping layers. The architecture of multiple items, such as text, photos, videos, icons, etc., will transform. An overcrowded and busy website into a web-based display of thought-through organisation and undisturbed flow.

User-driven animation

Until recently, web design trends animations have mostly taken place on their own, regardless of the visitor’s behaviour on the platform itself. 2020 is going to improve this with the introduction of user-triggered animation.

The above trends in either 3D or floating or stacked components may be integrated into the user-triggered animation. Clicking, hovering, and other visitor behaviour may contribute to changes in colour, scale, style, etc. These animations are helpful if you want to make your website more captivating and stimulating, but keep it clean and elegant.


Gradients are back in favour, better than ever before. 2020 can witness bold, multi-colored gradients from backgrounds to text fill-ins. The combination of several colours that build contrast. And the appearance of depth is a winning combo for a modern, cutting-edge website look.



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