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The Safest Place To Host Your Website And Why

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The hosting plan company you choose is critical to the success of your website. When selecting a web hosting package, security should be a top priority. However, no one feature distinguishes one website host from another.

Instead, a confluence of various elements leads to overall web hosting security. Most web hosting businesses follow at least a few common security standards; however, this does not tell you how safe they are in comparison to rivals. It is critical to consider a variety of security measures that you and your hosting business might use to keep your site safe.



You may be familiar with firewalls on your computer: these are pieces of software that prevent users from accessing certain sorts of information or websites. Web server firewalls work similarly, but in the other direction.


What Exactly Is a Firewall?

A firewall is a piece of software that filters requests before they reach the web server. Firewalls reject requests based on a variety of criteria. The most popular method of filtering is IP-address blacklists, which prohibit connections from known offenders. The majority of web hosting businesses use some kind of firewall.


Because the firewall is often shared by several customers, requests that are denied access to your system will also be denied access to another site. This is particularly true for shared hosting packages.


What Is a Dedicated Firewall?

Some hosting firms provide a feature named “Dedicated Firewall.” This enables you to set particular restrictions for who is (and isn’t) allowed to visit your website. This is not generally necessary, but it may be if you are dealing with very sensitive data.


SSL + HTTPS Security Certificates

If you ask users to submit sensitive information or display sensitive information to them. You must ensure that your plan has an SSL Security Certificate that permits it to run in HTTPS mode. Google believes SSL to be the best practise for all sites, and in 2018. Google Chrome started labelling sites without SSL as “unsafe.”


HTTPS establishes a secure, encrypted communication channel between the user and the website. Shielding sensitive information such as credit card and Social Security numbers.


Filtering of Spam Emails

Although a big inflow of emails might create the same issue as a DDoS assault, email spam does not pose a substantial danger to site security. Email spam filtering is a second layer of security, the kind of protection you employ to improve your user experience – it protects more than just your website.


Anti-spam protection is the most frequent kind of email account security and will benefit you in many ways than simply preventing spam emails. For example, spam filtering may help you save money on email storage, reduce the odds of missing an essential email, and minimise bad blowback on your reputation.


Privacy of Domain Names

Unless you purchase domain name privacy, your name, address, and other contact information become accessible to anybody who wants it when you buy a domain name. This sort of security, which is often provided by your server, keeps your information confidential. Domain name privacy, like email spam filtering, is about safeguarding you rather than your server. However, depending on the type of your firm, this may be a critical factor to consider.


Is one kind of hosting more secure than another?

When seeking for the ideal secure hosting environment. You have most likely come across several possibilities, including dedicated, managed hosting, VPS, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and e-commerce hosting. Your hosting environment has a direct influence on your overall security. DigWeb offers one of the best web design services!


Increasing Security Features

Most hosting setups may be enhanced by implementing firewalls, site-wide applications, or extra software. However, as we shall see later, certain types of hosting will be significantly more secure straight out of the box.


Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting

Because you will be sharing a server with dozens or hundreds of other sites, shared hosting is likely to be the least secure option. However, this is subject to the security measures of your shared host.

Some shared hosting, for example, use 24/7 server monitoring, encryption, spam prevention, and even integrated CDNs. All of these will assist to strengthen the security of your site without requiring any more work on your part.


Hosting from afar

An offshore web hosting firm may give protection against lawsuits, take-down notices, and other sorts of government intervention if you need to safeguard your website from censorship or certain types of legislation.


Is Managed Hosting Safer?

Because there are fewer sites utilising server resources. Managed hosting environments tend to have a greater degree of protection. And site-specific security measures may be implemented. For example, if you choose a WordPress-managed host, your server environment will be specifically setup to safeguard the WordPress CMS, and the support staff will have extensive technical expertise of the platform you are utilising. Some managed hosting providers also take responsibility for keeping your site up to date, which may help to mitigate typical security threats.


Use high-quality software and keep it up to date

Even the most secure hosting environment in the world will not protect you if you employ software with exploitable security flaws. Using reputable software and keeping it up to date when new versions are released can help defend your site from a variety of unwanted assaults.


Should I Get a VPS or a Dedicated Server?

Because an assault on any other site on the same server might have ramifications for your site. Using shared hosting exposes your site to a potential security risk. Hosting providers go to great lengths to prevent this from happening.

But it is still intrinsically safer to utilise a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Or a Dedicated server rather than sharing a server with dozens or hundreds of other websites.


As an extra advantage, a VPS or dedicated server will provide far more disc space. Allowing you to expand your site as you see appropriate.


Siteground – The Best Web Host for Newbies

Siteground is one of the most popular and finest web host options. This is because they provide excellent shared web hosting options at relatively low pricing. They are also ideal for those who are new to website development. 


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