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Printed cards vs digital business cards

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Business cards are essential for small and large businesses and customers in all sectors alike. These cards help create a brand today, in addition to providing contact information. Modern entrepreneurs have turned traditional paper cards into new digital business cards, as they are conscious of the value.

Marketers find new ways to meet the target market in the modern business world. One of the economical ways to draw clients is to distribute business cards. The cards contain contact information. Clients or customers can access some primary contact details easily. However, providing the information is not the only aim of the cards for today’s businesses.

The new cards have been designed to please customers. They are intended to use colour, typeface, room, logo, pictures etc. The combination of these elements allows the desired effect. The feeling stays behind the minds of the consumers and generates a sense of brand. 

Like their equivalents in print, digital business cards often create a lasting impression. However, here the designers have a challenge. The digital cards lack the touch of paper-based cards.

A thick paper envelope, for example, indicates that the goods or services of the business are top notches. In using a digital wallet, this benefit is lacking. The virtual card is primarily focused on its overall nature to influence viewers.

Print Business Cards


  • Grabs Attention Quickly

Paper-based business cards will make an impact as soon as a customer touches it. That is because of the card’s thick surface. A dense and durable paper with a perfect size business card speaks positively to the high quality of the goods or services of a client. You get the customer’s attention quickly. But you need innovative graphic design ideas to make an excellent business card.


  • Easy to Share

With strangers, you can easily exchange paper cards. All you need to do is give your respected customers the cards directly. Often, randomly distribute them at a lecture or a trade fair.


  • Accessible

Many small businesses can afford paper business cards. Printing expenses are in line with startup and other small and medium-sized enterprises’ budgets. With several startups, this is a significant benefit.


  • Affordable

Not all small companies can afford to employ an expensive professional graphic designer. Only a designer with years of experience can produce the perfect cards. The average cost of a designer is typically beyond the scope of new firms’ limited budgets.



  • Regular redesign demands

Most companies are shifting to add new contact information, including web addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, etc. This will allow them to update the card. This also contributes to the exploitation of a new collection of cards.


  • Takes up a lot of space

Paper cards are a nice heap of cards in a couple of months because customers get them so often. They occupy a decent office room. Often hundreds of these cards become overwhelming.


  • Not eco-friendly

Trees in large numbers have to be cut to produce paper. This means that the paper business cards are responsible for the damage to the environment in which we breathe.


Digital Business Cards



  • Easy to share

You can quickly share your clients and people with digital business cards. You only need to send the card by telephone, social media, text [SMS], and other means. Moreover, you don’t have to shake the hand of a customer until you exchange your card.


  • Stand Out

Since not everyone uses digital business cards, you can please and differentiate customers easily by using these cards. Although some often stick to traditional paper cards, the company looks different simply because of digital cards. Therefore, make sure your card designs stand out from the cards of your rivals.


  • Attach Media

Another essential benefit is that companies can add digital cards to several outlets. You can add photos, links to your polls, subscription lists, login forms, etc. This is, in many respects, useful. You promote your business by video sharing etc. A customer who receives the card has a strong business experience due to a range of outlets. It guarantees a more substantial engagement. To integrate the media, you don’t have to employ graphic design firms as you can do yourself.


  • Correctly store the details

One of the most significant advantages of digital business cards is that it is a convenient way to store as much information as you want in one location. There is no shortage of space here, unlike the paper cards. Include in a card the URLs, website addresses, social media pages, fax numbers, telephone numbers, etc.


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