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There seem to be endless ways to promote and grow your new online shop.

But for most e-commerce shop owners, it is not possible to promote their online shop. Mainly because due to the fierce competition in the market. Your efforts will take all your resources, but it is also possible that you will achieve poorer results. After all, when you stretch so thin, it’s hard to do something very well.

The best way to advertise your online shop is to select some ways. Concentrate your efforts on certain platforms and test the performance to see what works and what does not work.

Then you can develop and refine your efforts over time based on your experience that drives growth and sales.

Here are some tips to get you started:

 Contests and Giveaways

Contests catch the attention of your audience with both unique and interactive elements. This is why they are one of the most innovative marketing strategies you can use. They are also a great opportunity to show your products to a larger group of people – especially if you select a winner by providing a transferable link, depending on the number of entries that they refer to.


 Flash Sales

A flash sale is a brief period in which you deliver a very desirable deal, such as a discount, a new product kit, or something else not previously sold to your market.

The time-bound nature of the campaigns, often together with a limited inventory of products, encourages customers to buy immediately instead of waiting. This exploits our natural desire to buy something impulsively, just in case we forget it.

Flash sales in eCommerce are excellent for out-of-season sales or out-of-season product lines, which simply accommodate your storage area.


 Free samples or goods at low prices

Some of the hardest things to do in eCommerce are to develop trust in the quality of the goods with potential customers. You can solve this by providing free samples of your goods at the delivery price or incredibly cheap goods in which you do not make any margin to bring more customers into their hands with better products.

That strategy seems to work better when customers are willing to buy a significant amount of one of your products, whether the product needs to replacement or if you have a higher-end product line that complements the product you are offering free of charge.


 Automated replenishment sales

Electronic shops trap consumers in the buying arena for a single product – whereby a consumer buys a product from their website, they’re pleased with it. Still, you don’t give them any convincing reasons to return and buy again.

Depending on the quality of the product line, recurring sales occur. For example, you can automate and schedule emails or remarketing advertisements to re-engage these customers and persuade them to purchase a refill if you sell items like facial washing and realizing that a typical customer needs to complete their face washing in a certain time frame.

Instead, you can take this to the next level with your product-based business subscription model. In a variety of industries, this is a common phenomenon.


 Using Advertising from Google

Google Ads allows you to place your ad on Google Search results or thousands of Google AdSense websites.

The advertisements strongly target because they are focused on keywords that users use in the Google search box, and only the clicks on the ads (PPC) can be paid for, making them cost-effective.

So, you can determine whether Google Advertising is a tool that will make sales more profitable.


 Build an application for Android and Apple Devices

Mobile marketing is on the rise, and you can’t miss it. It is a must-have a mobile website, but it is also necessary to be on Android and Apple Markets.


 Put visitors on other websites

In addition to updating your eCommerce page, you can also make additional traffic and improve your rankings on Google by hosting guests on high-quality websites.

Alternatively, you can do it by writing posts comparing related items or giving comprehensive reviews.

It can be an easy way without being too pushy to get consumer attention. If mobile applications perform correctly, they are a great way to increase brand awareness.

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