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Launched in 2016, Elementor pro rapidly rolled up the rankings and is now active on more than 5,000,000+ users, thus holding an outstanding 96 percent ranking of 5586 ratings on WordPress.org.

Elementor lets you apply sophisticated styling, layout and design features to your WordPress material without asking you to know your code. In the latest edition of Elementor Pro, you can also build the whole WordPress theme without having to know any coding.


What is Elementor Pro?

On a more technical level, Elementor is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin. There are two sections to this definition, so let us look at both:

Visual ensures that as you build the material, you will see just what your guests can see. There is also any doubt on how the website appears when you post it.

 Click here for a detailed review of Elementor plugin

Drag and drop implies that you can switch around different interface elements – like keys, shapes, or pictures – by dragging and lowering them. No coding is needed!


The result is a platform that allows you to make your WordPress site appear the way you want it to without the need to master the code (or hire a developer).




How the interface of the Elementor functions?


We, at Digweb.co are going to start this analysis of Elementor by offering you a basic peek into how the Elementor interface operates. If you have already experimented with Elementor a bit, you may want to move to the next portion of our Elementor Analysis for a peek at some more basic features.


Now that you have got a simple interface comprehension, let us take this Elementor a little more hands-on and dive through some of the unique features that helped to make Elementor so effective.

 Library of the Elementor template

 Although Elementor offers you the ability to build full designs from scratch… you do not always have to do it yourself thanks to the Elementor template library.

 Mobile preview and intuitive interface controls

 Nowadays, with a huge amount of online traffic going on mobile devices, you need the mobile edition of the site to look fantastic.

 All the templates you make with Elementor are automatically sensitive.

 Elementor often brings this further by enabling you to display/hide individual widgets on some computers.

 For eg, if you have a big hero picture, you do not want to show the image on your site’s mobile edition. Elementor’s sensitive interface controls enable you to mask it on mobile devices by pressing a toggle:

Detailed monitoring of layout

Since page builders remove the need for custom programming, you often have to lose a little control about where to put the elements in order to obtain the simplicity.

 What is best about Elementor, however is that it offers you plenty of intuitive controls to make sure you can put every widget, line, and column exactly where you want it to be.

Elementor review-Interface

 (1) – the field of material. You can see your usual theme beyond this region, and you can create your style around the area identified by a grey dotted line.

 (2) – components and widgets. These are the building blocks you are going to bring together to construct your website.

 (3) – configuration. They help you reverse improvements, preview the template on various platforms, and more.

 Construction of the layout for your template

 Although you may start utilising the elements right away, you can want to create a simple framework for your page before you do that.

 Is Elementor very hard to learn?

 Compared to other page makers, the layout of the Elementor is one of the simplest to understand. But no matter which page builder plugin you pick, there is still going to be a learning curve before you can start building very beautiful websites.

We wrote a post on how to build an Elementor landing page that will help you understand. Elementor also has a YouTube channel of tutorials.

Import a pre-designed elementor prototype (more on it in just one second) and then deconstruct it to see how the author built the website. This way, you will see the more sophisticated solutions that can help you create something that really looks amazing.

Do you need the Elementor Pro?

If you are only trying to build simple styled websites, the free version of Elementor should have enough control. In truth, Elementor is currently the most feature-rich free edition of any page creator.

That being said, if you choose to use Elementor to really create the main website pages (or build the whole website now. Thanks to the theme builder). Then Elementor Pro is a better choice because of new tools, additional buttons, and other features.

Some third-party plugins expand Elementor even further

Because the Elementor team made it easy for developers to extend Elementor’s functionality. You can also find tonnes of other useful Elementor extensions that go beyond the official Elementor Pro add-on.

You will learn about a couple of our favourite free Elementor add-ons. We also have a set of third-party Elementor themes and models that you may use.

Elementor Review: Last thoughts on this page creator

When it comes to Elementor, the figures do not cheat. It is now one of the biggest page creators, and developers aim to make significant new updates daily.

Since the free edition of Elementor is so generous. You can only install it on a WordPress test server and try it on your own. If you like the user interface of the free version. We recommend upgrading to Elementor Pro for theme creation, more elements/templates, and other useful features.



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