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How much do web designers charge?

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Typically, web designers charge about £75 per hour. A company website may cost between £5,000 and £10,000, with the average cost of setting up, designing, building, and creating content for a basic website being £6,760. Additionally, this amount covers customer maintenance and training. According to Website Builder Expert, custom websites will cost extra. If you’re looking for amazing web design services, then Digweb.co is your dream destination!


What Are Web Designers’ Fees?

Web designers can charge on an hourly basis or on a project-by-project basis.


Rates by the Hour

Freelance web designers with reasonable skill levels earn about £75 per hour. However, CSS-Tricks notes that this statistic may change. According to Website Builder Expert, the cost of designing a website is between £30 and £80 per hour, while the cost of developing it is between £100 and £180 per hour. Freelancers often earn more than in-house web designers because they do not get health insurance or other job benefits. Additionally, freelancers have far less job stability. They are hired on a contract-by-contract basis. A higher charge compensates them for the customers’ lack of commitment over an extended period of time. 

Several variables influence a freelancer’s decision to charge more or less than £75 per hour:


Personal endeavours

A freelancer may give a discounted charge to a charity, a friend, or family member.


Length of the project

Long-term projects, on the other hand, may warrant a somewhat lower hourly wage.


Difficulty of the project

Are you going to need the assistance of a programmer, developer, or graphic designer? Increase the price. Is this a repeat of a previous project? If you can copy and paste a significant portion of your previous work, charge less (unless you want not to).


Count the pages

Additional pages to design equates to additional labour. Moreover, add-ons like as a blog or an e-commerce component may cost extra.


Level of commitment

Consider decreasing your fee if you can only dedicate a few hours of labour here and there rather than committing to the job full time.


Clients, whether new or returning

Certain web designers may price a new customer less in order to get the deal, albeit this may establish an unfavourable precedent.


Flat Fee

Clients like paying flat prices to web designers since they know precisely how much they will spend up front. According to CSS-Tricks, web design freelancers despise flat fees since you can never be certain how long a project would take, particularly if the customer requests endless adjustments. It’s a good idea to thoroughly interrogate the customer prior to producing estimates to ensure that you grasp their budget and project specifications.


Where to Begin with Web Design Pricing

Pricing pages may be designed on an hourly basis or as a fixed charge for the complete website. An average freelance web designer may charge about £75 per hour on an hourly basis. This amount is subject to change depending on a variety of factors. The normal hourly rate for designing a website is between £27 and £60, while the hourly rate for developing the site might vary between £100 and £180.

Since freelance graphic designers do not get health insurance or other employment benefits, their rates may be higher than those of an in-house site designer. Because freelancers have far less job security and operate on a contract-by-contract basis, the higher pay often compensates them for their customers’ lack of commitment.

Before agreeing on a freelancer’s web design cost, it’s reasonable to explore why they would charge more or less than the industry standard £75 per hour. If you are a friend of the freelancer or the owner of a non-profit organisation, the freelancer may give you a discounted cost. Likewise, if the job is lengthy, they may give you a discounted pricing.

Fixed Cost for Web designers

On the other hand, the more pages you want, the more work the designer will have to undertake. In certain instances, they may give you a fixed cost, outlining the amount they anticipate charging beforehand. According to WebFX.com, the average flat rate fee for a comprehensive website is typically approximately £6,760 for the first year.

These fees may vary based on the web designer’s level of expertise and the client’s individual website requirements. According to Website Builder Expert, the average cost of developing a basic website by a freelance website designer is £6,760. This fee covers just the first year. Having said that, each pricing is unique. Setting up a website may cost as little as £50 or as much as £200, depending on the cost of the website name and other considerations. A bespoke website design will cost at least £5,000 and up to £10,000. The cost of content development ranges between £500 and £5,000, depending on the amount of material requested by the customer. Additionally, the yearly cost of website upkeep is between £500 and £1,000.


What Should the Fee Be for a Web Designer?

A freelance web designer’s hourly wage should be determined by his or her cost of living and any company expenditures. It is preferable not to charge what you earned as an employee. A web design firm is responsible for overhead expenses such as equipment, training and conferences, health insurance, utilities, and software licencing. A freelance web designer’s minimal hourly fee must account for all of these costs in order to stay afloat. Subsidizing your minimum hourly rate establishes a negative precedent. Clients will begin to anticipate this rate, and you will begin to value yourself at this rate as well, which is much worse. You may get less work, but you will be compensated fairly for the work you do receive and will have the time necessary to execute the job correctly.


What Are Web Designers’ Hourly Rates?

According to Salary.com, web designers earn between £31 and £42 per hour on average. The caveat is that this figure includes all web designers, including those employed by agencies on an in-house basis. Freelancers earn a greater hourly rate due to their increased overhead costs. Freelance web designers charge on a per-project basis. According to Website Builder Expert, they normally charge between £30 and £80 per hour to develop a website.




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