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Hiring Freelancers for your web hosting vs. Hiring a company

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To create world-class web hosting, a team of experts with a wide range of expertise is required. One individual clearly cannot do all of this (or cannot succeed in all areas). Why? Here’s an indication of that. Should you employ only one person to create a whole house for you from the ground up construction permits, architectural planning, foundation, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and painting, and decoration? Do you imagine an individual’s completed home struggling to satisfy all these construction elements?

A world-class website that will fulfil your business goals is not a one-person job. This needs a small group of specialists, each with their expertise, to operate for an extended period.

Successful business websites need market-oriented project managers that can easily delegate tasks. They collaborate with market research experts who analyse the interests of the customers. The staff also involve copywriters who craft customer-centric content based on research. Design experts build User-centric interfaces.

During this process, the art directors and designers turn these proposals into practical designs. Coders and programmers translate prototypes to working websites and, in turn, are reviewed by quality assurance teams. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) experts are responsible for pushing traffic to a website. System administrators ensure that the site is fully operational around the clock and that account managers manage customer communications.


Some projects can include additional resources from photographers, illustrators, videographers, voice-over artists, post-production technicians, animators, data entry personnel, web marketers, IT strategists, and security experts. The number of experts can vary depending on the scope of the project. Similar to constructing a home, designing a world-class website needs at least a dozen experts, each handpicked for their experience.

Value for Money for web hosting

Most tasks need far more expertise and money. Although one person can be successful in all of these fields, it is impossible that he or she will be a specialist in all of them and will be capable of multitasking successfully and efficiently. Professionals dedicate their lives to perfecting one skill, and when brought together as a team, the combined abilities of these world-class skills blend into a world-class website.

If you recruit a single person to complete the whole project, they are likely to have to outsource some of the tasks. If they rely solely on cost-effective initiatives and cut corners on expertise and money, the unfavourable outcome would land on your head. You can find yourself directing your work in an area where you lack experience.

By comparison to freelancers, companies are full-service corporate marketing organisations who hire a wide variety of specialists with the highest degree of experience to produce a useful website. A full-service contractor will be able to handle all your website planning, giving you time to run your business activities.

Acting with an organisation is typically more costly. The Department has staff and a more significant payroll, and more expenses getting addition. Still, in doing so, you recruit a supervised and regulated team of experts to achieve quality outcomes. Since companies typically deliver the greatest depth and breadth of expertise in various fields, the commitment is well worth it. 


Accountability is often a problem when recruiting a freelancer on some sort of job. Although specific freelancers are highly recommended, it could be more challenging to evaluate the ratings and expertise of a freelancer relative to an agency.

You still depend on the person to complete the project from start to finish. When you recruit an employee rather than an entity, and that person is inaccessible, you may have to start with someone new from the very beginning.

Reputable web hosting

When reviewing companies and freelancers, it is generally better to see the Agency’s reputation in web forums, previous customer service, and awards. However, you do not have quick access to such knowledge for a freelancer.

In addition to being trustworthy, you can usually expect more on-going assistance from the Agency. A freelancer depends on getting new projects and work done.  Following the launch of the website, a freelancer is usually engaged in new projects and on-going support and minor changes, which can be pushed to the end of the list.

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