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Web design is called the page layout and visual aesthetics, often in conjunction with the development of the website. It is an important aspect in E-commerce. If you think you’re a creative person, it’s always a smart idea to practice web design. The modern world revolves around websites, and the creation of static websites and interactive pages is an important task. The design is the first thing that people notice when people come to a website, but if it’s not good enough, they leave.




What is an eCommerce Website?

A website for e-commerce has been specifically established to facilitate commercial or business transactions.  The e-commerce sites comprise auction websites, retail stores, corporate-to-business services, financial management sites, music sites, and much more.

While a website is designed to promote services and products online, an eCommerce website is a step forward.

Websites in e-commerce allow your target market to purchase directly from your company’s goods and services. This saves you a lot of costs and provides your audience with comfort.


Importance of eCommerce Website

When you start selling online, your eCommerce website will decide what you want to say about your business and how you portray it. Most likely, you want your web design for eCommerce to give the impression that you are a professional, reliable online store that customers can trust. Trust is crucial to building customer relationships and fostering sales, which are what can help you achieve with effective eCommerce website design.

But an attractive layout isn’t everything you need for your eCommerce website. User experience and functionality also play a role in the usefulness of website design. User-friendly features like easy navigation are among the essential elements every professional eCommerce website should have.

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Software Used to create eCommerce Websites

The world’s leading eCommerce platforms provide customers with secure experiences and more shopping.


E-commerce platforms allow you to create your online store from scratch, sell your goods or services, and even handle marketing tasks such as submitting email advertisements. See which of this software is best suited for your products.



Shopify helps you to develop a working online store quickly — the key to the pace of Shopify is its easy-to-use drag-and-drop store creator, which allows you to set up your shop instantly and start selling.

Sellers may choose between ten professional, free themes, and some paid themes. Many of the free themes tackle different types of stores, such as clothing, or a particular form of product promotion, such as narrative storytelling, that can help set up go faster. The themes are customized too!

Shopify is also supplied with essential features, such as an integrated purchase cart app supporting hundreds of payment gateways and dozens of third-party integrations, needed by every eCommerce website.



Wix is a first-class website designer. The simplicity of Wix will make your life much easier if you create a new eCommerce site without any experience.

With its drag and drop designer, the Wix website is SEO-friendly and customizable. Wix comes with more than five-hundred premade themes that can accelerate the setup process.


Big Commerce

Big Commerce is another top choice if a reputable and trusted eCommerce site builder is available on the market. It focuses on multi-channel sales. Each plan sells on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, and POS. So it will be at the top of the list for those of you who like to use omnichannel sales.

Big Commerce is not short of functionality when you build and design your store. You will find all the design tools in the front section of your dashboard. Change your theme, enter a logo, and include social media links.



In the world of website builders, Squarespace is an industry leader. In terms of global market share, it is one of the most common eCommerce platforms. Squarespace is directly integrated into e-commerce functionality, which is not the case for most traditional website developers.

Squarespace is ideal for creators with a particular emphasis on beautiful designs. No matter what their technical ability, anyone can set up a modern and visually appealing e-Commerce store via Squarespace.

An intuitive and highly responsive drag and drop editor can easily be used to personalize all elements in your pages. Squarespace has combined SEO tools, tweeting, analytics, and other features to make a big success of your online store.


Fundamentals of eCommerce Website Design

It is easy to establish a decent e-commerce store, but it is much harder to grow a successful e-commerce business. You need a web-store focused on primary expertise, awareness, and continuous changes over time to build a profitable e-commerce business.


Brand Identification

A brand that needs to be visible and coherent throughout the website should be given due attention during the design stage of an eCommerce website. The colours and designs will represent the brand’s identity. The style should help to clarify the kind of offers you sell and attract the target audience. Moreover, the brand experience across all channels should remain consistent.


Simple and Clear Layout

Try to minimize the use of various colours, fonts, and sizes. Consumers can mistake the content for ads if you stylize the text. Consider using different text and background colours to clarify the materials you provide.


Visual Hierarchy

A place above the fold should be the most important content. There are instances in which items brought together more closely by reduction of the use of white space than moving relevant data underneath.


Easy Navigation

The simple configuration of the interface means users can quickly locate items and other materials. The user experience boosts flawless navigation – and sales! The navigational architecture ultimately depends on the subject of the e-commerce shop or marketplace software you choose.


Well Displayed Contact Information

A section on your store that displays your contact information is not only a design component but a necessity for any product. Just missing a ‘contact us’ section on your eCommerce website is enough for customers to go back to the search engine and find an alternative store. Hence, trouble finding your contact information may result in the loss of a potential customer.

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