Digital business card

Advance your business today with a digital business card that will bring in more customers and increase exposure!


What’s a digital business card?

Today, people are using paper business cards less and less due to environmental awareness as well as the role of cell phones in our lives. Digital business cards are a replacement for traditional business cards. They’re easily accessible and full of relevant details for the client.

What are the advantages?

Fits all screen types

Increases exposure on social media

Marketing Solution for small business

QR Code straight to your digital business card

Green and environmentally-friendly

Save on printing costs

How it works?

Option 1 Pay a one time fee for a digital business card. After designing and planning the card according to your wishes, we’ll send you a link that you can send to your potential clients.

Option 2A Monthly fee that includes support and changes within the card (changing pictures of hours of business for example). In this package, you’ll also get a link, of course.


Digital Business Card

  • Custom design
  • Contact buttons and Speed Dial + whatsapp
  • Social networking link buttons
  • Navigation and Google Maps
  • Contact information and opening hours
  • Fit to all screens

Digital Business Card

  • The Basic Package +
  • Video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Support and Changes