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Digital Business Card Benefits

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E-business cards or a digital business card are primarily digital ‘cards’ that you can build on your mobile or computer and send it to your contact phone or email using QR code. It is part of creating an online identity for your organisation. You cannot expect to have recognition in the business world without the use of digital business cards. To serve this purpose, DigWeb provides the best digital business cards service, so check us out right now!

In today’s corporate climate, it’s all the rage because it’s stylish, efficient, and carbon-lowering. Best of all, it’s free of charge, and you can configure it to the look of your choice.


Digital Business Card Basics

Business cards remain an important part of face-to-face networking. It’s an extension of your brand that allows recipients fast and brief access to your content. Your digital business card acts as a call to action depending on the information you choose to include.

Digital cards usually only cost the amount of the app. The cost of a physical card, however, depends on the amount ordered and the printing requirements.

 Generally speaking, business cards should contain the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Job title
  3. Company
  4. Phone number
  5. Email address
  6. Website
  7. Physical address


Benefits of using a Digital Business Card

There are many noticeable benefits of using digital business cards, ranging from saving money to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business activities. Unless people decided to give this proposal a serious thought, they would know that many of the benefits of converting to digital business cards are the drawbacks of paper business cards. 

 Easy to Exchange

Digital business cards can be conveniently exchanged, saved and indexed on a single website, unlike paper business cards, which are often not used correctly because they are lost, difficult to locate as requested, or contain obsolete and expired data.

 Easy to Remember

In addition to reducing the stack of cards in your pocket, bag, or table, it saves you the complete difficulty of entering contact details into your smartphone or email address book and transforming networking into an efficient and effective exchange. Remember-a person doesn’t take their name cardholder or past name cards around, but they’ll still have their phones with them.

E-business cards will, therefore, make you more memorable, easily contactable, and personal.


Digital business cards can update people in your network automatically on your information about business contact changes and vice versa. Therefore, only the latest and updated contact numbers, addresses, and emails are available without any additional effort.

 More Accessible

Your whole stack of business cards can be loaded into a searchable box to be viewed from your mobile anywhere. All critical information stays in one place for business information. This increases communication and improves quality.

 Saves you from the hassle of printing

No excessive design, printing, and reprinting of cards mean that they are cheaper, if not inexpensive. E-business cards will play a key role in getting the business done smoothly. No reprinting is needed if information such as the name, location, phone number, email address, or office address is changed. Digital business cards keep communication hassle-free.

 Always present

The essence of a digital business card is limitless. You can never run out of your business cards, and you don’t even have to make the extra effort to remember to carry them. Only take your smartphone with you.


Participants typically attend conferences and seminars to receive business cards from prospective clients and vendors. What if you could work without leaving the workplace or your home? Digital business cards can save time and money spent on traveling and staying on these events.

 Well managed

Another benefit of digital business cards is that you have a great deal of expertise in handling your contacts. Many systems include an optical character reader [OCR] that can scan a business card. The contact details are converted into digital text by scanners, including a unique business card scanner. The app either saves the information or syncs the details to your CRM program.

 Save, share and forward

Whenever you update your phone number or email address or any other card information, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on printing new business cards. You can change them for free, and that, too, in a matter of seconds.

It’s easy to send a digital card to any number of recipients by clicking a button. And your recipients can also forward your card to their friends, who can see it simply by going to the link.

 Readily found on the Web

Web-based business cards will help you improve your online networking and create chances to be found online. Professional nameplate websites help users find more about you, learn how to get to know you, and see some of your best work. When your page has develops, you can connect it to your email signature, and social media accounts for increased visibility.


Digital business cards reduce the need for print cards, which help preserve the environment by saving millions and millions of trees cut to print business cards with little or no use.


In conclusion, not everyone accepts a traditional business card, so it will be impressive if you present a digital card instead of a traditional paper card.

Second, you take care of the environment. Yes, not producing a 250-name card stack can help minimise the carbon footprint of our planet.

This takes us to the third point: the e-business card is continuously changed without the need for expensive reprinting if you change your work position, number, or office location (for small business owners and freelancers).

Lastly, e-business cards are multifunctional. You can add social media or portfolio links in your e-card to make it easier for users to access them with only a swipe. You can create several e-business cards for various reasons; add a customised logo, photo, contact information, and other social media data.

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